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Ln. M.A. Elahi Shimul, the founder and managing director of Haitans Properties Limited, is a visionary leader in the architectural, interior, and landscaping services industry. With a profound passion for design and innovation, Shimul established the company in 2003, pioneering a legacy of excellence. Under his guidance, Haitans Properties Limited has evolved into a renowned developer company, committed to crafting exceptional spaces that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Shimul's unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction drives the company forward, shaping landscapes and transforming environments with every project.

Why Us?

We Consistently Plan And Execute With Our Clients' Satisfaction In Mind, Meeting Their Needs And Giving Them The Most Amenities Possible.

  1. 1. Collection of Project Information:

    When a prospective client visits our office or calls us over the phone. Accordingly, we try to understand his/her service requirements. During the conversation, we try to know the plot size first. Then the connecting road width, location of Land, and ownership history etc. Most importantly we ask to know the number of stories and types of projects. we also try to visualize the socio-economic conditions of the project area.

  2. 2. Submission of Financial Proposals:

    Very soon after collecting project information, we prepare a detail financial proposal. The proposal consists of Scope of Works, Work Methodology, Terms and Conditions etc. List of Deliverables, Time Schedule, Professional Fees and Payment Methods are also included. We send the proposal through client’s email or deliver hard copy if required. Generally, consultancy fee varies in project to project. It depends on the volume of works, essential facilities and type of project.

  3. 3. Negotiations and Alternations:

    After getting a financial proposal, most of the clients want to go for negotiations or alternations of project features. Generally, we arrange a virtual meeting for distance clients. Most Importantly, a physical meeting for nearby ones. In this stage, the financial proposal may be revised or remain the same as before. We always try to create a win-win situation with clients after discussing every pros and cons.

  4. 4. Signing of Contract Agreement/MOU:

    After negotiations and alternations, the next part is the contract sign. If clients feel good to work with us, we formally go for signing a Contract Agreement or MOU. The total work process and payment schedules are finally reviewed. Most of the time, we invite the client to visit our office to sign the Agreement. We also visit the client’s places if required. We take signing money from clients at this stage.

  5. 5. Project Site Visit:

    Before undergoing any design work, we always try to visit the project location. Generally, the project visit is conducted by the designated Architect and Structural Engineer. The recognizance and geographical features of the project were noted carefully. Except for any special cases, we do not charge for this site visit. For complicated and irregular Land, we always conduct a Digital Topographic Survey to get the exact dimensions of Land.
  6. 6. Preparation of Conceptual Plan:

    Before starting to prepare a conceptual plan. We once again have a sitting with clients to have detailed information. In this stage, we note down the requirements of Landscape, Basement Floor, Ground Floor, Typical Floor, Roof Top Management, etc. The Color Themes, Material Use, Project Theme, and also Construction Process are noted down. Finally, we prepare a Conceptual Plan and deliver it to the clients for review and feedback.

  7. 7. Plan Review and Approval:

    In this step, clients take time to review the conceptual plan and give their feedback. If any logical corrections are required, we further revise the conceptual plan. We always try to understand the user experiences and their emotions. If everything is alright and clients become satisfied with the plan, we take approval from them. Sometimes, we arrange a physical meeting for getting the conceptual plan final.

  8. 8. 3D Visualization and Animation:

    3D Visualization is the most important part of the project consultation phase. This is the graphical and visual presentation of the design output. The client can visualize his/her future project, getting the 3D perspective view. Sometimes we prepare the project animation as per the client’s requirements. We do several alternation and perspective views in this stage. We also take the approval of the 3D view and animation from the client.

  9. 9. Preparation of Detail Design:

    In this stage, we go for detailed Architectural Design, Floor Plans, Cross-Sections, Elevations, Furniture Layouts, Building Utility Layouts, etc. The Structural Analysis and Design were also performed in this stage. We use ETABS, STAAD Pro Software for Structural Analysis. GEAR and SAFE are used for Structural Design. ASDIP Foundation for Foundation Design. Electrical and Plumbing Design have also been covered in this stage. We follow Time Saver Standards for Architectural Designs.

  10. 10. Design Review and Finalization:

    After completing all necessary designs i.e. Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Safety. We call an in-house review meeting with Design Architects, Structural Engineers, and all other personnel associated with the project. Basically, we arrange an open discussion that undergoes every pros and cons. Finally, we note down all meeting outcomes. The reviews and meeting outcomes are furthermore implemented with every design segments.

  11. 11. Design Print and Delivery:

    The final design goes to design template settings and proper paginations. Generally, we print the design Book on standard A3 paper. In the case of Large Projects, we print them on A2 or A1 paper also. We deliver the printed design Books to the clients duly signed by authorized persons of SHELLMARK LIMITED. We also deliver soft copies of all designs along with a layout setting sheet in pdf format.

  12. 12. Cost Estimation and BOQ:

    When all design works get completed, then the next major issue is project cost. We estimate the whole project works in detail. Generally, We also prepare itemize cost data tables as per PWD Schedule. Present market rates are also considered besides of PWD schedule. Most Importantly, we prepare the itemized BOQ to supply to the potential Building Construction Companies. We deliver the BQQ and cost Estimation datasheet in printed format. We have an in-house fulltime experienced Estimator to conduct the work perfectly.

  13. 13. Project Top Supervision:

    The project layout implementation is the first and most important part of starting construction. our project Engineers are always ready to move to the project site. They confirm whether the layout setting is correct or not according to the design. We also have top supervision during construction. Our Architects and Structural Engineers Generally visit projects at different stages of work when required.

  14. 14. Consultation During Construction:

    In this stage, the contractor or client needs some support or clarification from us. Our Architects and Engineers are always ready to consult with you during office hours. We also have 24/7 Live Chat support through our website. We assure to maintain our after-sales support in smother and effective ways. Haitans Properties Limited is the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide the highest customer support in this industry.

  1. 1. Location of the Project:

    Before starting any design work, first of all, we try to find the exact location of the project. Different types of projects are feasible at different Geographical Locations. We always try to guide our valued clients to build the right type of building in the right place. We always try to visit the project location physically to asses the socio-economic conditions of the proposed land. Clients generally ask to know the feasibility of the proposed project. We thoroughly investigate the surroundings’ occupancy to find out the same.

  2. 2. The Type of Project:

    Knowing the project type is the very preliminary part of program finalization. We try to know the types of projects i-e Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Hospital, Hotel, Duplex, Triplex, Vacation House, or any other categories. Most importantly, we guide our valued clients to select the right type of project at the right location. We always try to build commercially viable projects for 2 reasons. Firstly, the project owner can be benefited from his/her investments. Secondly, we can demonstrate built-in projects to our new prospective clients.

  3. 3. Road Width Connected to The Project:

    Communication and Road networks in vital considerations for any size of project. A spacious and easy road network enhances the value of a project. In case of plan Approval from RAJUK, CDA, RDA, KDA, City Corporations, or Pouroshava, a wider road includes an additional Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to the building. Resulting in more floor area coverage and more profitable projects. Most of Pouroshava allows total building height=2(Front Road Widht+ Distance Between Road boundary to Building). So, for high-rise buildings’ permission, a wider connecting road is desirable.

  4. 4. Earthquake Load Consideration:

    Bangladesh located in severe Earthquake vulnerable geographical position. In Building Design EQ load consideration is a must. There four different Seismic Zones in Bangladesh. Zone-1: Low Risk, Zone-2: Moderate Risk, Zone-3: Severe Risk and Zone-4: Very Severe Risk zone. We follow the BNBC-2020 Guidelines to calculate the Seismic Load Effects on Building Structures. Dynamic Analysis (Response Spectrum Analysis-RSA) are performed to accumulate EQ loads. We Consider Site Class, Seismic Design Category, Modal response any all other seismic design parameters.

  5. 5. Wind Load Consideration:

    Wind Load also a vital consideration in Building Design. We follow latest building code of Bangladesh BNBC-2020 to calculate wind load effect. There is district wise basic wind speed map in BNBC. The map was built with 3 second gust speed and 50 years return periods. We design building structures in considering Main Wind-force Resisting System (MWFRS). Exposer Condition, Soil Properties, Gust Effect are considered here. Wind Directionality Factors and Importance Factors are also considered. We always design a building which can withstand against maximum wind effect on respective zone. Although, we are Architectural Firm in Dhaka Bangladesh, but we have full time experienced Structural Engineers.
  6. 6. Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Check:

    We follow the latest Detailed Area Plan(DAP).We always guide the project owner; on which types of buildings are permitted in which area or not.

  7. 7. Project Budget:

    Project budget is a vital issue for any project planning. We try to outline an estimated budgetary plan to the project owner, before going through the final project planning. We also provide item-wise Project Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities(BOQ) at the end of the detailed design. It helps the project owner to get a Loan from any Financial institution. They can also control their material flow during construction. Also, help to reduce the wastage of construction materials.

  8. 8. Project Approval:

    Whether it is a small or large project approval must be taken from competent authorities Like RAJUK, CDA, RDA, KDA, Pourashava, or City Corporations. We prepare the detailed project approval sheet and supply it to the owner, duly signed by the Enlisted Architects and Structural Engineers. Generally, Pourashava can approve the building plan up to 7 storied. Beyond 7 storied the plan must be approved by the respective district Building Approval Committee. It takes 2 to 3 Months to get project approval from RAJUK.

  9. 9. Cost-Effective Design:

    Project cost is a major issue for any infrastructural development. Project owners always hanker after minimizing the total cost. It is a major responsibility of the designer to minimize the project cost. Project cost can be minimized in a number of ways including rational analysis and design of the project, material use, local resources utilization, etc. We at Haitans Properties Limited, try to deliver a cost-effective and rational design to reduce the entire project cost. We use Linear Dynamic Analysis (Response Spectrum Analysis), which lead to an optimum design output for building structures.

  10. 10. Return on Investment:

    Every project owner Looks for the ultimate returns from his/her investment. Resources planning and timely hand of the projects always reduce the breakeven of a project. We always try to deliver a detailed ROI plan for our valuable clients. So that can easily get back their returns within the possible shortest time. We always try to shorten the Return on Investments in three ways. Firstly, by Speeding up the construction period in applying modern construction techniques. Secondly, Cost-effective design concepts. Thirdly, using available local materials in construction.

  11. 11. Exterior Beauty:

    We believe in the exterior beauty of the project may lead potential users and customers. Our project Visualization and Animation help the project owner to visualize their future projects before being constructed. We provide modern and contemporary design to all of our projects. Our 3D Perspective views include Front, Left, Right, Back, and Birds Eye Views. We also provide more 3D views if required for a better understanding of the project.

  12. 12. Project Features and Amenities:

    We always List out the project features before starting any design work. The unit facilities, car parking, number of stories, number of basement floors, building utility, cross ventilation, privacy, safety, security, color themes, material use are covered in this stage. The rooftop management are covered in this part of the design. We always try to provide maximum building facilities and usability on limited resources.

  13. 13. Durability and Life Span:

    Generally, a building is designed for about 100 years of its life span. We design all the sub-structural and super-structural elements ensuring their lifetime and durability. We consider the earthquake and wind Load while analyzing and design of a building. Which enhances the durability and lifetime of a building structure. We also consider the time dependent effects like, shrinkage, creep, fatigue etc. in design. Which lead a structure to a longer lifespan.

  14. 14. Community Participation:

    Community participation in a project depends on the Socio-economic Conditions and Demographics of the users. We try to create some participatory facilities for projects, that ensure community participation, i.e rooftop community hall, Gymnasium, waiting for Louse, etc.

  15. 15. Environment Friendly Design:

    We consider the environmental Impact of a project while designing. Use of local materials, creation of green spaces, use of solar panel, rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, and sewerage treatment is our environment-friendly design considerations.

  16. 16. Setting the Trends:

    Haitans Properties Limited is the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh to update and reshuffle ourselves with the current Trends of Design Philosophy. We are constantly growing and enhancing our design capabilities to handle any kind of project in Bangladesh.

  1. 1. RAJUK Enlisted Architects

    We have Experienced Architects who Graduated from BUET & Members of The Institute of Architects Bangladesh(IAB). Also Enlisted in RAJUK under the legislative of Dhaka Mahanagar Imarat Nirman Bidhimala-2003. Always try to get Building Design Services from a Registered Architect. This ensures the maximum utilization of your space and safe residence. We are the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  2. 2. RAJUK Registered Engineers

    Most of Our Structural Engineers graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Our Design Engineers are Corporate Members of The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB). Our chief Structural Engineer is Registered in Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha.

  3. 3. Certified Electro-mechanical Consultant

    We Consider Electro-mechanical Services as an Important Part of a Building. Our Industry Certified Professionals are Capable of Handling any issue within the possible shortest time. We provide full-functioned design, detailing, estimate, and BOQ. We also have the workforce to implement and supervise Electro-mechanical works of Building Structures.

  4. 4. Earthquake Resistance Building Design

    Earthquake forces are considered the most vulnerable and uncertain lateral force for any building Structure. Geographically Bangladesh is situated in a very active seismic vulnerable zone. A moderate level Earthquake will damage most of the non-engineered buildings in Dhaka City. We ensure earthquake resistance building analysis and design to keep you safe as well as your buildings.

  5. 5. 20+ Years in Building Consultancy

    We are dealing with building consultancy services for more than 20 years. Haitans Properties Limited is the top 10 Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our Experienced Architects and Engineers are always with you to design your dream house. We always try to execute our past experience to design any Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Project in Bangladesh.
  6. 6. Cost Effective Safe Design

    Building Construction cost is the ultimate thinking of every landowner. Building costs can be minimized while planning and designing any structures. The cost-effective safe building design is the motto of our services. We are always assured to maintain the highest level of competency in cost minimization of your projects and ensure the ultimate safety of structures. We never compromise the building safety before cost.

  7. 7. Design According to Latest Building Code

    We perform Structural Analysis and Design in accordance with the Latest release Bangladesh National Code.We calculate the Live Load, Dead Load, Superimposed Load, Earthquake Load, and Wind Load as per the Latest code of Bangladesh.

  8. 8. Dedicated Customer Support

    Our dedicated, friendly Customer Support Executives and Expert teams are always ready to support you. We provide top supervision during construction. Our project Engineers always keep in touch with Land Owner and Contractor during construction. Please feel free to call us for any types of building design-related issues. Hotline: +880 1727 776965, +880 1715 939820 or Email:

  9. 9. Focused on Customer Satisfaction

    Among the List of Architectural firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we always focus on customer needs and satisfaction in space management, privacy, usability, aesthetical view, great Interior-Exterior Design, material flow control, and quality works. We always ensure quality workmanship both in design and implementation. Material flow control and quality check is the part of our services.

With our significant knowledge, professional team, and internal testing facilities, we can create geotechnical engineering solutions that are technically sound, economical, and useful.



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